Sing Honeycomb Lightweight News
Most efficient in production and most dynamic in performance!
How much does Sing Honeycomb panel cost? It depends on the quantity of order. Please let us know how many you are able to use per month, otherwise we do custom orders for small quantity, each job is unique. Please contact us for pricing.

What sizes are the panels?
Standard Size -4'x 8' & 5'x 10' Custom sizes for almost any specified length and width.

What types of facial Board can I laminate to Sing Honeycomb panel core?
Any type of outer surface material can be applied to the panels such as plywood, wood veneer or plank,  aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass etc....

What thickness are the panels?
From 3/4 " thick up to  6" thick

What size of cells are available? 
  2”x2”, 2”x3”, 3” x 3”, and 5” x 5”

What types of core filler are available? Urethane or Recycled EPS or any types of sound deadening or heat resistance foam specified by our customer

How to apply veneers, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass to Sing Honeycomb Panel? Almost any sheet good materials can be laminated to Sing Honeycomb panel core, such as wood veneer, wood plank, plastic, fiberglass, metal by applying glues such as urethane, PVA glue, or carpenter glue under cold press or under high pressure and hot press. Please consult with Sing Honeycomb if you have any specific requirement.

Can honeycomb panels be cut to size with solid wood edges and solid wood implants at any predetermined location? Yes, send us your drawing of your panel design and we will be glad to add solid wood block for your fasteners to anchor.

Do you have Distributors? We are looking for distributors in all regions. Please contact us directly for now.
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