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Most efficient in production and most dynamic in performance!

The Benefits of becoming a licensed Sing Manufacturer:

How much will Sing Core Blocks cost me?

We have special pricing available for companies that are interested in becoming a Licensed Sing Manufacturer. To join all you have to do is pledge to:

  • 1. Spread the word about Sing Core technology. It could be as simple as adding a link to your website or you can brag to your customers about how you are going to upgrade your new products with Sing Core.
  • 2. Send pictures of your products for us to use on our website. We also want to make sure that you are using our core for production rather than for resale due to the super low costs we are offering to Licensed Sing Manufacturers.
  • 3. Pledge to use Sing Core as much as possible in your current production. We don’t care if you produce 10 doors a year or have a billion dollar company. We want to make sure that we are a significant part of your future.

In return for becoming a Licensed Sing Manufacturer you will qualify for:

  • -The lowest prices available to anyone
  • -Have your company posted on Sing Core as one of our Licensed Sing Manufacturers as well as pictures of the products you have made using Sing Core.
  • -Get technical advising for how to best produce cost effectively and efficiently with Sing Core
  • -Get additional marketing materials made available for advertising.
  • -Be able to brag to your customers that you are using the best core material available to make their products.

The new age of eco friendly material for our future:
Sing Core Blocks can be used to build a single piece of furniture or to build your entire house and you can be ensured that whatever you build with Sing Core will last for generations. Take a look at pictures of the Sing honeycomb home build entirely at a home show in San Jose, CA within 4 days. View the products listed on Sing Core to get an idea of the possibilities.
Patented Sing Core is the revolutionary new advancement in core materials. The advantage of building with Sing Core panels or Sing post and beams are that they are easy to produce with minimal tools. It does not require one million dollars to invest in machines to produce our products like it does with paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb core. Just purchase our affordable core materials and you can easily use it to press your own panels.

Another benefit is that Sing Core panels are built stronger and last longer than any other kind of honeycomb product. If you want to use the best material available to make high quality panels for your projects and customers use Sing Core. Sing Core also happens to be earth friendly, has the highest strength of any honeycomb material, and is lightweight enough that it should be at the very top of your list.

The easiest way to substitute from other honeycomb cores (i.e. Paper Honeycomb, PP Honeycomb, and Aluminum Honeycomb) is to use our Sing Core blocks. Sing Core blocks come in standard sizes, but you can use the blocks to make any sized panel; large or small at a fraction of the cost.

Standard size of Sing Core block available:
3 ft x 12 in x 1 5/8 inch
4 ft x 12 in x 1 5/8 inch
5 ft x 12 in x 1 5/8 inch

Sing Core Blocks are easy to alter to reach the desired thickness of core.
You can slice the Sing Core block into thin pieces or glue together the Sing Core blocks to reach your desired thickness. If you are doing a production sized run contact us to order custom size thicknesses.

Will I be able to purchase Sing Core at a low cost even if I am a one man workshop?
Sing Core block is offering special discount pricing to Sing Core certified users - all you have to do is to pledge to use Sing Core as much as you can to replace particle board and other types of non earth-friendly material, including but limited to, solid wood core, particle board core, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb core and plastic core. If your operation is big or small, everyone can use Sing Core blocks to make better products and help the environment.

How to build Sing panels with Sing Core:
It is easy to build Sing Core panels. Create a Solid wood frame that is the same thickness as the rest of your core. Insert patented Sing Core Blocks inside the solid wood frame. Apply glue to the skins you plan to use as a substrate and press them to the core and wooden frame. Once the glue is dry just trim the edges and you have finished panels ready to accept veneer or paint.

What type of glue do I need to use to build Sing panel?
With most applications, carpenters glue will work well, but we recommend urethane glue when applying metal, plastic, fiberglass to Sing Core blocks.

It’s easy to use Sing Core Blocks for a one man garage or a million square foot factory.
The only thing you need to build Sing Core Blocks is a cold press and if you don’t have one of those we can sell you the most affordable cold press made of Sing Core Panels and Beams.

Preparation advantages over wood core before the cold press?

The great thing about using Sing Core Blocks as your core for four panels is the minimizing of preparation. With wood you typically need to sand the boards to the same thickness then edge glue them together then try to sand them again so that they are all the same thickness before you glue on your skins. On the other hand using Sing Core Blocks is as easy as 1-2-3. First Sand the Blocks to the same thickness. Second place them in your wood frame. Third, add glue and cold press the panels.

Cheap and easy or expensive and complicated? Your choice.
With a conventional cold press and regular carpenter glue it is easy build any size panel and beam; Sing Core blocks can be easily be edge banded with any edge banding machine or just simple wood clamp to do edge banding.

The paper honeycomb is not an easy game at the edge banding concern and you would need to spend more than a quarter million dollars just to install an edge banding machine which is just part of the expensive investment of the paper honeycomb production. Do not forget Sing Core is more than 10 times stronger than paper honeycomb. Europe has been using paper honeycomb for a while. Once they see the benefits of Sing Core Europe will stop using inferior paper honeycomb and switch to the Sing Core Sing panel instead.

Sing Core block is a revolution of fine woodworking without spending millions of dollars to make paper honeycomb products.

Products made of Sing Core or Sing Core blocks have a longer life span than products made of paper honeycomb.

Sing Core can be totally water tight by using close cell foam and water resistance glue and can be easy repair to its original strength if damaged.

Sing Core uses a stress skin and a torsion box structure core to provide extra strength to panels. Sing Core panels made with Sing Core blocks can be easily repaired to their original strength unlike other type of core material such as Balsa, particle board, solid wood core, paper honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb core, and solid wood. It is almost impossible to repair any other type of panel if it has a hole cut in it by a chain saw or if a hole is poked into it by a fork lift. One great advantage of Sing Panels is that they can be repaired to their original strength due to its unique super lightweight, strong, torsion box structure grids, with an added skin on both sides of the Sing Core as stress skin structure. These Sing Core composite material fuses together to form a super high compression and tension sandwich panel.

The Sing Core block is the new generation of sandwich composite core material. Sing Core has thousands of applications. It is changing how things can be made in an earth friendly way.

Sing Core Blocks are a very easy core material to work with. Manufacturers can use Sing Core Blocks in doors, furniture, cabinets, museum supplies, etc.

Advantages of Sing Core Blocks:
-Sing Core blocks are very easy to work with, even with minimum wood working experience. You can work with Sing core blocks just like working with solid wood core.
-Sing Core Blocks are easy to glue using any type of carpenter glue, or urethane glue
-You can use the simplest press to create panels using Sing Core Blocks. No high tech press needed just use pipe clamps and two Sing Heavy Duty Lightweight Panels as press. You can use this simple press to build almost everything displayed at our Sing products gallery.
-Sing Core Blocks are easy to adjust so you can build any thickness of panel. To build thicker panels than the core that is provided it is easy to add new skins on both sides to increase the thickness. To create thinner panels it is easy to just plane or sand off the extra thickness to meet the job demand.
-There are endless applications, as small as Sing cutting board (the best cutting board in the world) or as large as an 1200 sq ft Sing home (an entire home build by Sing core within 4 days at Ca.home show in San Jose.

Disadvantages of Sing Core Blocks:
-Cost more than Sing Core
-Slight heavier than Sing Core.

The weight: 4.5 lbs plus skin weight.

Who is the Sing mini store for?
The Sing Home mini store is great for retailers that are looking for a good product to sell in their showroom. Large franchises will find the compact size of the display useful in saving space. Because it is only 100 square feet large, the mini store will be able maximize showroom space. This compact station is aesthetically pleasing. Its fun design will lure the wandering customer towards its display and reel in the business.

The facts

everything made is USA
easy way to create a job market
build your own business in only a 10x10 foot space
saves money
easy to assemble
lifetime guarantee
saves shipping cost because easy to assemble on site
10x10 foot mini-warehouse
only $3,000 for a booth and set of furniture (living room set and bedroom set available)
    The dream
    The dream behind the Sing home franchise idea is that once you invest in a Sing home mini store, you'll have your own mini-warehouse wherever you want. Everything in this kit is easy to assemble and made in the USA. It is also environmentally friendly because you won't have to ship anything extremely large (like an already assembled piece of furniture). This will save energy in delivery because all that will be sent are the components to make the booth and the pieces to build to furniture. Customers will pay for quality and ease. The mini-warehouse owners will only have to assemble. Hundreds of different pieces of furniture can be made from only 8 main panels. The furniture is lightweight yet sturdy as a rock. This is because the panels are made from our patented honeycomb panels.

    The furniture in the Sing franchise
    The furniture in this package is unique because it is made from our patented Sing Honeycomb. This material makes the pieces lightweight and strong. Learn more about the material itself here. The furniture in this mini-shop in intended to be made from the honeycomb panels. The different panels can make anything from an armoire to a TV stand. This is due to the diverse panel sizing. There are easy to follow instructions for constructing each piece of furniture. This way, the retailer will be able to construct a variety of different types of furniture without having to take up an unnecessary amount of space. Picture this, a customer walks in to the store looking for a dresser. Instead of having to waste space on an already assembled dresser, the store can assemble a high quality one right in front of the customer's eyes. The neat thing is that once you own a set of panels, you can transform them into at least 12 different pieces of furniture. How you ask? The secret lies in our versatile panels. In other words, if you have the panels necessary, you can create a dresser or a bookshelf or an armoire or a TV stand depending on what the customer wants. With the Sing do-it-yourself franchise, the possibilities are endless.

    Sing Kiosk advantages

    1.) Compact space but most productive space.
    able to display furniture stacked 4 pieces high due to its light weight. This makes the display have 4 times the space of any normal furniture display
    work shop to assemble furniture-a 2'x4' table made from patented honeycomb
    "warehouse" of panels-flat panels in stock with slide and door hinges pre-installed
    panels ready to assemble
    ability to create more than 12 different pieces of furniture from the same panels

    2.) entertaining for customers to watch
    they will see how easy the furniture is to assemble
    great for frequent movers-don't have to take up space in the moving truck if they take the furniture apart and re-assemble

    3.) assembly at store saves packaging and shipping costs, making for greener product

    Sing furniture advantages
    light weight
    ease of assembly
    quality of material
    design touch
    affordable price
    flat pack saves shipping costs

      $3,000 flat rate for kiosk and panels

      lifetime structural guarantee on furniture for repair or replace
      custom orders available with extra fee (variable colors, finishing, species in wood, and designs)

      Here's a look into some of the furniture options available.

      Please contact us if you have any questions
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