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  Sing Core's Clients

J. Balaz & Associates
  • Construction company in the New York area
  • J. Balaz Construction ordered a very specially shaped door to fit their clients specific niche in their Manhattan hi-rise penthouse.  The door measured 12'-4" T x 5' Wide at the top of the door and reducing to 3'-10" W at the bottom of the door x 2" T.  The door provided privacy when closed without inhibiting the window wall it abutted up to.


  • O.B. Williams Company has been on providing custom architectural woodwork for high end private residences and landmark commercial buildings for the last 124 years.
  • O.B. Williams Company commissioned with Sing Core to manufacture a door using our revolutionary composite material, the finished door core that measured 129.375” H x 35.75” W x 2-1/4” T skinned with marine grade Fir Ply and poplar wood edgings.

I.M. Pei:

  • Ieoh Ming Pei (born April 26, 1917), commonly known as I. M. Pei, is a Chinese American architect often called a master of modern architecture.
  • Our company was commissioned to manufacture 18 door cores for a project of I.M. Pei’s in New York.  The door cores were 13’ T  and ranged in width 3’-7” to 5’ W x 3” thick, the panels were skinned in ¾” plywood and 2” solid wood edgings.


Robert Shaw Manufacturing:

  • Robert Shaw Manufacturing produces architectural woodwork and furniture systems of the highest quality.
  • Robert Shaw Manufacturing commissioned with Sing Core to manufacture 11 doors for high-end offices using our revolutionary composite material, the finished door cores measured 102” H x 50” W x 2-1/4” T skinned with Luan and 1-1/2” wood edgings, these doors had cut-outs for glass inserts.   Our product was chosen because of the size of the doors our product wouldn’t twist or warp allowing for the glass inserts in oversized doors.


    Gateway Estate Co., LTD:

    • Column Tower is a “Grade A” modern office building located at the Sukhumvit area in the Central Business District (CBD) in Bangkok. Column Tower is also a top-class serviced apartments with gorgeous Lake and Park views. Column Residence, operating at the upper floors of Column Tower, provides spacious executive serviced apartments for international travelers and business executives to enjoy relaxing and luxury life in a peaceful yet convenient environment.
    • Sing Core was commissioned to make several different composition products, some of which are beams for innovative glass flooring supports to allow diners to eat over the pool area, other products were panels to be used as fold up room dividers to allow multiple configurations.


      I have invented the strongest, lightest weight
      and most eco-friendly honeycomb panels
      what I believe to be is the best cost in the world" 

      Peter Sing, Inventor & Owner


      Thank you for visiting our business opportunity page, here you can get additional information
      about our products and find how you can get a personalized quote over the phone or by email

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      Sing Honeycomb Products and their impact on the Environment

      Our Sing patented honeycomb panels reduces the weight and replaces the high energy consuming materials such as wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, and concrete with minimum impact to the earth.

       The following is the energy consumption comparison of sing honeycomb vs. wood, and wood vs. the other man made materials for your reference.

      The energy consumption of wood products vs. others: 
      The energy required to produce one ton of wood is much less than that for other materials.

      Compared to the energy required to produce a ton of wood, it takes:

      5 times more energy to produce 1 ton of cement

      14 times more energy to produce 1 ton of glass

      24 times more energy to produce 1 ton of steel

      126 times more energy to produce 1 ton ofaluminum

       Sing honeycomb vs. wood, Sing honeycomb only has 10% or less of wood and almost 90% of air.  It is the strongest lightweight, renewable material made of vertical grain natural wood veneer fiber. Products made of Sing honeycomb core are the strongest lightweight renewable products available at a comparable low cost.

       So deciding if a product is “Green” it should be based on the Life Cycle Assessment and energy consumption required to produce, transport, and dispose of consumer goods products and this is why Sing Honeycomb is truly a “Green” product.



        Vacuum Table/Torsion Box

      What is a Torsion Box?

      A torsion box consists of two skins applied to a core material, usually a grid or framework of some kind. The torsion box functions as a beam, but is considerably lighter than a solid beam of the same size without losing much strength. Torsion boxes are used in the construction of airframes, especially wings and vertical stabilizers, in making wooden tables and doors, and for skis and snowboards. and other products that you want to be light and strong.

                                      (Honeycomb Core)                          (Strong and Light)                   (Torsion Box is trailer panels)

      From Left to Right: Our Torsion Box starts with our honeycomb core (pic 1), then laminated with the outer skins, our panel is strong but light and can hold 4 people with no bending (pic 2), finished product is a platform made into a trailer
      (pic 3) and is strong enough to hold a truck.

      What is a vacuum table?

      In almost all cases, when you are cutting with automated cutting systems, the item is held down using vacuum. Technically the correct thing to say is that the item is held down by lowering the pressure in a plenum in the cutting table and the pressure differential between this and the atmosphere applies a strong and even force to the material on the table. In fact, the pressure differential only needs to be small to give a very high hold-down force.

      Do I need a vacuum table?

      The short answer is that you are very well advised to have a good vacuum table when cutting! 

      The Good News is that Sing Honeycomb Products can provide any size Vacuum Table/Torsion Box for your manufacturing needs

      For more information about this products or

      any of our other products contact us at:

      360-495-3577 or

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                          (side view of Honeycomb Panel)                                (another side view of panel)                    (Assorted sizes of panels)

      Honeycomb Panels

      Our patented Sing Honeycomb Panels are used for a many number of projects from doors
      to walls, to laminate flooring panels to furniture and of course Torsion Box manufacturing.

      Each of our panels are custom made to each customer's order.  Using our panels is just like using your basic plywood sheet or wall board only lighter and stronger.

      Retail Price List
      Standard Panel:

      4’ x 8’ (finished size = 47” x 95”) with or without solid wood edging and your choice of skins front/back:    $8.00/sq ft

      Single Oversize Panel:

      1 side of panel over the standard size - with or without solid wood edging and your choice of skins front/back:     $16.00/sq ft

      Double Oversize Panel:

      Both sizes are over the standard size—with or without solid wood edging and your choice of skins front/back:     $24.00/sq ft

      Commercial/Wholesale Customers contact us at
        360-495-3577 or

      for a personalized quote

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                      (Commercial Production              (Exterior Door          (Door for          (Residential             (Oversized Moveable
                             set of residential doors)             for guard shack)        restaurant      Carriage Door)         Wall/Door for Art Gallery)

      Making Doors, Walls & Partitions
      the economically and eco-friendly way
      with Sing Core's door panels and cores

      Our door technology revolution is changing how doors are made and Sing Core is
      knocking on your door to tell you how to get on board with a better solution for
      building a better door at a lower cost.

      Sing Core’s door panels and cores are the only doors in the world with a built in
      torsion box structure and insulation as its core material.

      Doors made of our Sing Core technology are stronger, lighter, have better insulation,
      with more sound deadening capabilities, is eco friendly and available at lower cost
      due to our labor saving technology (2 person team would be able to press more
      than 400 doors per door as compared to a conventionally  built torsion box method
      that will take at least one torsion box per a day) and less cost in handling
      due to lighter weight factors.

      If you are producing doors by the thousands per day, than we would suggest that
      you contact us to arrange license agreement to mass produce our product,
      otherwise Sing Core is capable of providing all you need for the core to build
      the most affordable, high quality doors.  Sing Core can be used to
      build any type of doors you desire including but not limited to; bullet-resistant,
      fire-rated, French, sliding, pocket, carriage, pivot, freezer, truck, garage and cabinet doors.

      Sing Core is a better alternative for door cores then particle-board, mdf, solid wood,
      paper honeycomb, plastic, foam or aluminum honeycomb core.

      Sing Core provide the best warranty in the door industry.  Sing Core can build
      the most flat door in the door industry no matter the size.

      We custom build your door core to meet your requirements.   We are just a phone call away to help you in building the best doors in the world, guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing

      Commercial/Wholesale Customers contact us at
        360-495-3577 or

      for a personalized quote

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                                 3 Drawer Dresser                    Kitchen Island Cabinet              Room Divider Display Shelf

      Sing Honeycomb Furniture

      The Strongest Lightweight Eco Friendly Furniture in the World!

      Never replace your furniture again!

            Made in the USA. No particle board! Structure is made with clean all natural wood fiber. Our furniture is super light, super strong and made with 1 1/2" thick patented Sing Honeycomb panels.

      We offer a lifetime structural guarantee.  Our furniture is made with Northwest Cedar with a natural eucalyptus inlay and never built with press-wood or MDF in any of our products.

      Furniture can be shipped fully assembled un-assembled for easier transport

      For more information about our furniture
      or to order please contact us at:

       360-495-3577 or

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      additional pictures and information about our Sing
      Honeycomb furniture can be viewed by clicking here



                                             (8'x4' Corrugated     (Our own logo        (Small Stand-up
                                              plastic skin                 signboard)                Signboard)  
      Sing Honeycomb Signboards

      The Strongest Lightweight Eco Friendly Signboard material in the World!

            Proud to say: Made in the USA. No particle board!  Our signboards are super-light, super-strong and made with our patented Sing Honeycomb panels. Our signboards can come in almost any size and thickness, with your choice of outer skins for all of your advertising needs.  Make your sign as simple or as elaborate as you wish, our sandwich signboard panels are up to any task.

      For more information about our signboards
      or to order please contact us at:

       360-495-3577 or

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                      (Butcher Block Natural)      (Our Cutting Boards are            (Sing Honeycomb Cutting
                                                                  dishwasher safe)                      Board with juice groove)

      Sing Honeycomb Butcher Block
      Cutting Boards

      We believe we have the best

      cutting boards ever invented!


      This Butcher Block Cutting Board is available from our patented Sing honeycomb substrate with your choice of butcher block material which gives our cutting board it's beautiful look and a strong and stable cutting surface.

      Made in the USA

      • Available in choice of our Cherry & Maple or Cherry with Port Orford Edge Banding
      • Our patented Sing Honeycomb Cutting Boards will not warp or crack.  It stays true and flat with the counter top to avoid vibration and reduces the cutting noise that is created by other boards due to shaking and vibrations.
      • Sing Honeycomb Cutting Boards are lightweight which makes moving, washing and carrying easier.
      • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
      • Earth friendly, patented Sing honeycomb uses less wood to make than solid wood cutting boards.
      • Less chance of ends of cutting board cracking or warping
      • Resurface service, Sing Honeycomb Cutting Boards will provide a resurfacing service after years of uses for less than half of the original purchase price
      • Free Shipping when purchasing 4 or more cutting boards at one time

      For more information about our signboards
      or to order please contact us at:

       360-495-3577 or

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