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Conference Table
Thank you for visiting our product gallery:  This gallery is to showcase our patented Sing Honeycomb Panels in their various forms.  All of our products start as our basic Honeycomb core panels from there they can become almost anything you can imagine:

Below are two different methods to build large oversize conference tables with Sing Honeycomb panels that are lightweight, high strength and attractive.

This oversize conference table or boardroom table is connected with our Patented Sing Honeycomb biscuit system. This allows for easy shipment and assemble of the panels.

connecting the over sized conference table with Honeycomb biscuits

Each piece slides together to create oversize conference table

Lightweight table ready to be veneered

Conference table/ desk made with Patented Sing Honeycomb Planks

This Conference table made of 1 3/4 " x 9.5 " thick Patented Sing Honeycomb planks can be edge glued to any width and butt glued to any length without having to be planed.
No solid wood plank can be edge glued and butt joint to make a straight and flat panel.

The Strongest lightweight table in the world made of Sing honeycomb panel and beam for pedestal which can be 16 ft long the table top can be 20 ft long or even longer it takes 10 min. to assemble

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