Sing Honeycomb Lightweight News
Most efficient in production and most dynamic in performance!
Collapsible Dresser

Thank you for visiting our product gallery:  This gallery is to showcase our patented Sing Honeycomb Panels in their various forms.  All of our products start as our basic Honeycomb core panels from there they can become almost anything you can imagine: 3" screws to fasten each corner of wide dresser, no glue used for easy dis-assembly Slides are pre-installed at factory

Corners of drawer are screwed together for strength

Strongest Drawer box without any glue dresser drawer has strength to hold 160 lbs on 5 ft span

Patented Honeycomb material is lightweight yet high strength so this collapsible dresser even though lightweight will last a lifetime. pack furniture 10"h x 24"w x 60" L box.

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