Sing Honeycomb Lightweight News
Most efficient in production and most dynamic in performance!
Bookcase & Shelving

Thank you for visiting our product gallery:  This gallery is to showcase our patented Sing Honeycomb Panels in their various forms.  All of our products start as our basic Honeycomb core panels from there they can become almost anything you can imagine: 


This beautiful custom bookcase is finished in a white lacquer and each section is so light that

you could lift it over your head


47.5" high x 47.5" wide with 12" deep shelves, unfinished Sing honeycomb furniture is the best knock down, flat pack, DIY furniture $69

Bookcase made of Patented Sing Panel 47.5" H x 47.5 W x 11.75 D

Patented Sing Honeycomb bookcase - lightweight strong bookshelf

Low cost shelving system, strong shelving, long span shelve


Before organizing on lightweight shelves
              For just $69 look what a difference it makes, everything                                                                                    is organized and takes less space

Easy to assemble only uses 2 1/2" screws


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