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Customer UPDATE

Sing Door Core Reaches
New Heights in Manhattan

Specialty shaped door for hard to fit space
made possible using Sing Core Door Core

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High-rise Door Finished!

Door Closed                          Door Open
The slanted window wall required a specially shaped door to
fit the space without having to install bulky hardware made possible with our composite panel


Door Closed                       Door Open

Sing Honeycomb Torsion Box
used to build the following

Paint Grade Panels

Wood Grain

Metal Clad Panels

Paint Grade Torsion Box Panels can come in any size to

create a seamless look with no surface movement due to

exposure to temperature changes and moisture.

Wood Grain Torsion Box Panels are made with thick

veneers of 1/8" instead of the standard 1/64" which

allows them to be sanded and patched as needed.

Types of Wood Grain Panels offered:

A) Panel Wood Grain is a solid sheet panel veneered

with your choice of veneers.

B) The Plank Look Wood Grain gives you a

hardwood plank look that is better than any

solid wood plank currently available.

C) Metal Clad Torsion Box Panels are stronger

than standard metal panels but lighter in thickness

comparisons which allows you to have a thicker metal

panel without the excess weight.

Our Honeycomb Torsion Box is guaranteed to be flat,

stay flat and be stronger than other materials used

to make the same products.

Options available: 

Windows & Trim

Sing Stile and Rail Doors

SINGCORE:  The new generation of door making is an alternative to the old

stile and rail door building technique which has dominated the market for the

last 100 years

(The above picture) On the left is our patented Sing Honeycomb Stile and Rail, on the

right is a walnut veneer ready for gluing onto our honeycomb stile and rail

Apply glue to our honeycomb stile and rail

Press veneer to our Sing Honeycomb Stile and Rail components.  Most honeycomb

panels cannot handle the high pressure and temperatures of the hot press, but our

patented Sing Honeycomb can.

This is your Stile and Rail after the veneer has been pressed on.

Note how straight our patented Sing Honeycomb Stile and Rail are, yet they

are still incredibly strong and lightweight

Drill holes to insert dowels.

Apply glue to dowel holes insert dowels and put together

Use vises and apply pressure while glue dries

Router out the end if hardware is to be installed.

Here is the stile and rail door stained and ready for glass installation.

My Tiny Abode Blog Update &

Everyone Can Dance Blog Update

Read About My Tiny Abode Adventures Building a Sing Tiny House

Read About Everyone Can Dance Refurbish a Vintage Travel Trailer with Sing Tiny House Panels

Sing Core Press Release in RV D@ily

To see the actual article click link to go to RV Daily Report

Sing Door Core Reaches New Heights in New York 

This custom made trapezoid door traveled over 2,921 miles from coast to coast, now on final leg of its journey to its new home in upscale Manhattan apartment.

We specialize in custom sizes, shapes and thickness to fit our
customer's needs, we offer the best guarantee in the door business.

Customer sent us an email with a picture about his door core, more pictures to follow:  Customer's email to us:    "Here is a picture of my door being craned up 17 stories to my job site.  The door hasn't been installed yet but I will send you the pix when it is".   Thanks, Paul

New! Sing Core Services

 What Services Does Singcore Provide?

 Prototype - In addition to ordering our standard panels, you can upgrade* to our Sing Core R&D Services, take your idea, we  build it and you use it to make money.  We will consult with you and let you know if your concept piece is compatible with our Sing Core products.
(*Please note that the upgrade to our Sing Core R&D services will incur fees of a per hour consultation fee and material costs.)

You design, We produce - Already know what you want made for your office/business?  Fill out our quote request form and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with your quote.

OEM Replacement Parts - If you need to replace an old item like a door you might as well upgrade it to a Sing Honeycomb Door.

Design to Market - From prototype to our standard panels, we can manufacture by the truckload for additional savings.

"No job is too big, No job is too small"

3 Levels of Service

In-house Services:  Sing Core can manufacture your panels at our Washington state facility with all of your requested blocking, core sizes, solid wood edging and skins, then you do the finish work such as trims, paints/stains, installing locks/windows etc...most economical when ordering less than a truck load.

Use one of our "Domestic Alliance" companies: to do your finish work on your product adding locks, trims, windows, paint/stains etc...this service will incur additional cost that you will pay directly to the company providing the service but saves you from having to do the work.
These services include the following:

Door Finishing
Furniture Finishing
& Market Ready Products

Overseas Manufacturing:  We can have your product manufactured in truckload bulk, overseas which will provide you with additional cost savings instead of having your products made here state-side.  Your product will be made according to our technology and quality assurance standards, except product will need to be ordered in bulk by the truckload.

July 26, 2012
Sing Honeycomb Offering their Honeycomb Door Core panels to Glass Inset Door Manufacturers

We are proud to offer our Sing Honeycomb Door Core to the standard door manufacturers but now are offering our door cores to the Residential/Commercial/Industrial Glass Sliding Doors Manufacturers

Draft rendition of our Honeycomb Door Core and Glass Insert.

Our door cores fill a need in the sliding glass door niche because our cores are not only lighter than standard solid wood, fiberglass and composite door cores but our cores are stronger providing a longer lasting door core with a structural guarantee of 10 years which is about 9 years longer than the standard guarantee out there because of our torsion box technology with provides the strength and stability that all doors should have but don't unless they're our doors.

Door size, Window size doesn't matter, our cores can do them all!

Sing Honeycomb Trade-Show Panels

Almost any surface material can be adhered
to our honeycomb core

This is our trade show panel with Sapele veneer,
before getting edge-banding

The size of your trade show panels are only
limited by your imagination

One long continuous panel or panel strips
get the individual look you want for your booth

Wood, Formica, HPL, Acrylic, choose your size
choose your surface.  It's great to get choices.

Sing Honeycomb Core Aluminum Clad Bench
Beautiful                        Strong    


Click here for more

Sing Honeycomb Panels Can Be Covered
in an Assortment of Skins

This gigantic panel is actually going to be a shelving unit.
The size of this torsion box panel is 118" x 35" x 1.072" and
covered in 20 gauge galvanized steel skin.

Visit our product gallery to get ideas of what other coverings can
be used for your own honeycomb panels.

Inventor Peter Sing is standing on panel 118" x 35" x 1.072"
and covered in 20 gauge galvanized steel skin.

Our panels are so lightweight and strong we'll not only stand behind their strength and quality but we'll stand on them!

Customer's Tiny House Update:

Our customer was inspired to build their own home, one that would not cost them a small fortune, that would be easy to build, cost efficient,
lightweight but strong and lasting. 

Our customer ordered a total of 36 panels (4' x 8' x 1 3/4") for walls
& roofing and 5 panels (4' x 12' x 3") for their flooring

Their finished tiny home is 12ft wide x 20ft long and 12ft high
(not including the trailer)

Here are the finished panels and our customer who is very
pleased with their finished product

Customer strapping their panels to their trailer for transport, here is the
starting of the tiny house being constructed, note that the trailer used to transport is also being used for their "tiny house" to be built on making
this one of the "largest" Sing Tiny Houses to be transportable

Our Living Large customer was recently written about in a blog that talks about why they built a "Sing Tiny House" and it's features such as being able to be built on a trailer which allows our tiny house customer to move their tiny house should they ever choose to sell their property

Our patented Sing panels are an all in one concept, you can use them for your walls, roof and flooring.  Our panels don't require any additional siding, studs, insulation, vapor barrier or even additional interior walls.  This saves you precious living space and weight and our panels are just as strong without having to be built using conventional framing methods.

Sing Honeycomb Panels are the best choice to build lightweight,
high-strength, and flat building materials and many other products that
need to be strong, light and dimensionally stable.

Sing Honeycomb Panels ~Large ~ Strong ~Versatile

The following 3 pictures show the characteristics of

Sing Honeycomb Panels in an industrial sliding door application.

Here's How Strong, How Light, How Flat our Honeycomb Panels Really Are!

1) Our Lightweight Sing Honeycomb Panels

This door is 16' long x 8 1/2' wide x 2 1/2" thick with 1/4" marine grade plywood is being
carried by only 4 guys...a total of only 400 lbs (approx).  A door made of standard material
and with the same dimensions would require double the number of people carrying it. 
To compare standard material weights vs. our honeycomb panels visit our website

2)The Strength Sing Honeycomb Panels
Our Honeycomb Panels are strong enough to support over 700 lbs while spanning supports

approximately 16' a span of 8 1/2' our panel can support 4 times as much weight (approximately 2800 lbs) and at a span of 4' our panels can support as much as 7200 lbs. Visit our website for additional information about the strength of our Sing Honeycomb Panels

3) Sing Honeycomb Panels Are Designed To Stay Flat

These doors are not only tall and wide but flat (flatter than Kansas), but there are many
conditions that control flatness...such as types of outer skins (different materials may or may not
absorb ambient moisture in the atmosphere), the thickness of the panels, also sealing/painting your
panels will affect moisture absorption. For more in-depth information about our panels click here.

Essential Factory Doors

Check out the new doors for one of the world's largest distributors of mint oil! We were really happy to build two sets of large oversize doors for an essential oil warehouse recently. One pair of panels became the double door set opens to the sides (left), while the other set of three rolls off to the same side (right).
It's the Cadillac of custom sliding doors.

It was important for the customer that the doors fit their doorway shape and be easy to roll. These sliding doors have a patented torsion box foam core that will keep them lightweight and smooth rolling. The series of three rolling doors link together and slide so easily that one person can push it open with just one finger.

Spring is the time for cleaning and growing. We are revising our newest website, creating new marketing strategies, and developing new products. Our office staff has grown to include five members, and we plan to continue growing both in the office and in outside sales representatives.

Our biggest changes:
1  We are combining our previous websites to make your web visit more user friendly. Our main web site is now For the mean time, our old web sites also work.

2. We now have our online store through Big Commerce. You can order furniture and small items without going through PayPal. Check it out! 

3. Featured Product: Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage Doors Courtesy of KB
Purchase your first pair of Sing Carriage House door panels at $256 apiece. The least expensive steel roll up door retails for about $1,000, whereas a solid wood carriage house door retails for $5,000 or more. Homeowners may enjoy the beauty of a carriage door for the low price of a steel door. Email sales at for a quote.

We also offer a garage organizer to help tidy up your garage.

A BIG Tiny House Adventure

We are happy and proud to introduce Celina & Walter Dill as members of our Sing Tiny House here for the continuing adventures of Celina and her dad Walter as they build their dream Sing Tiny House.

Industrial Oversize Doors
The sizes are 1 panel is 98" x 62" x 2 1/2"
The other 2 panels were 104" x 190" x 2 1/2"
You can see how straight and flat these door panels are.
To see more pictures of these doors, the hardware to hang them and how
easy they are to open and close please click here!

Fold Me, Carry Me

Your folding table shouldn't be a chore to carry and it won't be if you're
using our Sing Folding Table...for more pictures, click here!
Beam me UP
Instead of building with heavy wooden beams, build with our Sing
Honeycomb Beams, strong, lightweight but not prone to warping or twisting like
traditional wood beams.  Click here for additional pictures of our beams

Living Large in a Sing Tiny House

This is how people live large in a Tiny House, here is one of our Sing tiny house being
put together.  Stay tuned for more pictures as our customer continues.
Click here for additional pictures

Customer's Carriage Door Project
Before                                                  After

        Top left is our panel core without trim              Top right is our panel core with customer's trim

    Customer installing his new carriage doors                     Close up of finished carriage doors

Kevin B. of California purchased our door cores
to design himself a better set of carriage doors,
that are lighter in weight, and stronger than the
average carriage doors being made and for less money.

Sing Honeycomb Panels used for canvas
for artwork for the Nature Conservancy
To find out more about the artist Jane Kim <click here>
Testimony from the artist Jane Kim:

Peter and Linda along with the rest of the Sing Home team were lifesavers! They were wonderful to work with and did all that they could to meet tight deadlines without losing the flawless quality in their work. I look forward to collaborating with them again.

All the best,

August 2011

Sing Round and modular tables
Housing Market is Great with a Sing Log Home
Our customer who built this Sing Log Home back in 2000
recently put his house on the market and it sold 1 day after listing it with his realtor
In today's housing market a Sing Log Home is better than "money in the bank"

Customer Highlights:

This is a built-in bookcase that a customer of ours built
using our honeycomb panels that were done in
a white lacquer finish.
Note how straight and flat each of the shelves are...and
how LIGHT!

These pocket doors we made for a customer for
his "tiny house" project, for more pics about these doors "click here"
You can also see our customer's blog "click here"

July 2011
Another satisfied customer! 

Email letter sent to us on 7/14/2011

"Dear Sing Home,

The cedar veneer doors are exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you so much Linda and Sing Honeycomb Products.  A big thanks goes to the guys in the shop who make the doors.  The custom size measurements were exactly what I specified. 

 The aromatic cedar veneer is beautiful with lots of variations in the knots and colorful grain patterns.  They made a nice room into a "wow" room.  The aroma is still pleasant after four weeks.

 Attached are two photos from the project.  Thanks again for your specialty door products.

Sincerely, Robert Drake, contractor"

June 2011
Sing Honeycomb Door Cores put to work in California!

Here are our doors getting set up just need the finishing touches to be ready.
These huge sliding doors/moveable wall system uses a much lighter door hanging equipment than our competitors, helps you spend less on equipment, also because our sliding doors are lighter, they are easier to open/close which reduces the chance of employee injuries.


Here are our doors in their finished stage being used in a tough environment, but our doors will last for years to come.

Our Newest Arrival

Sing Honeycomb Products is proud to announce the unveiling of their latest product:

The Sing Honeycomb Trestle Folding Table

The Sing Honeycomb "Quik" Table has been tested for strength and rigidity, and we're proud to say the sing honeycomb design lives up to all expectations.   A 250 pound load was distributed on the top of the table legs, still did not even bend.

Weight for entire set: 26 lbs
Table Top: 68 3/8" long x 30 1/4" wide
Trestle Leg Set: 51 3/4" long x 24" wide x 27 3/4" tall

By the way did we say it only weighs 26 lbs!

Carry your table outside for a picnic, (oops! did you say you live in Washington or Oregon?) starts to rain, no problem you can take the table in as one piece or in less than a minute you can take it apart and take it inside to eat in dry comfort.

This table is also a great alternative to the clunky folding card table for the
"kids table" at Thanksgiving and Christmas



See additional updates about our Port Orford flooring click here!

Beautiful Sing Honeycomb wood floor project: completed!

Beauty and Contrast coming together.  The owners of these two beautiful
styled flooring made with our patented Sing Honeycomb core panels are as different as night and day.  The Sapele flooring in the red tones is made using our Wide Plank Flooring 9" x 10" plank method, while the Port Orford flooring was manufactured as a solid sheet flooring 4' x 8', but they are the same because of the torsion box/sandwich box design and their honeycomb cores.  Strong, lightweight, insulated flooring.  Easier to install than linoleum, stronger than regular hardwood flooring.  The best of both worlds.

Click here to see before pictures of our Sapele Flooring

This new Sing wood floor is made with patented Sing honeycomb sandwich torsion box panels, like the bench below, these flooring panels are super strong, light weight, ultra insulating, and beautiful to look at in your home.


Lightweight Shoe/Entry Bench: For only 16 lbs this heavy duty bench made with patented Sing honeycomb sandwich torsion box panels will hold 400 lbs without any staggering or bending and still light as a feather. It is completely modular and can be stacked for other applications, such as shelving, step stools.


May 2011

Nesting Step-Benches for the
Vertically Challenged


Sing Honeycomb Products is proud to introduce our newest product line, our nesting step benches.  Lighter and safer than standard step-stools.  Our 3 nesting step-benches are extremely light-weight and you can use them without the worry of falling off them like on a step-ladder. our wide steps allow the entire foot to be used instead of just the ball of the foot like on step-stools or step-ladders.


Our 3 nesting step-benches can provide you the height you need to reach any cabinet in your house or provide you with comfortable counter-top access in your kitchen for all of your cooking, dish-washing needs.

Overhead Garage Door Panels


Sing Honeycomb Products not only make moveable walls, large customer doors, we also can make overhead garage door panels, still using our torsion box manufacturing Sing Honeycomb products that ensures that your overhead, carriage and the traditional tilt-up garage door.  We can provide any size, style or type of panel that can then be  customized to your specific style.

Flooring - Panels and Planks

Update:  June 2011, 

Here is the flooring panel from below now installed in its new home.
Not only is the floor beautiful but was so easy to install, just measure and cut
out the area (i.e. walls, vent openings etc...) that the panel needs to fit around and viola you have installed your flooring like a professional and you are assured of having a flat and straight flooring panel because it was made using Torsion Box technology and married together with the beauty of laminate flooring and our patented
Honeycomb core panels.

Port Orford Sing Honeycomb Flooring
Large sandwich panel
made by the torsion box principle

This makes for a lightweight dimensionally stable product that can become an insulated butcher block floor or table.  It could also be a large carriage door, sliding door, pocket door, work bench, kitchen counter-top, wall, ceiling panel.


      This is another view of our wide plank                   Look how seamless our flooring is
       Sapele Flooring stands 9"w x 8' & 10' long         3 planks placed together = 27" x 120"
x 1 1/2"
         Hard wood Wide Plank Floor                         sandwich torsion box Sing Honeycomb Wide Plank


Pictures of our latest project beautiful Sapele Flooring
Not just any kind of flooring but the wood veneer we use in our flooring is the same kind used by the Cadillac car maker for the CTS.  Our flooring is made based on a torsion box style of manufacturing to ensure our customers will have a strong, lightweight and straight floor that will last for years and years.  The added bonus is that our flooring is also an insulated flooring so noise is reduced and thermal transfer is less, but it's not just a treasure of engineering it's beautiful too.

Here are some new pictures of our big door panels
made for Seattle's "Urban Enoteca"

As you may remember our panels shipped out looking like this:

Not much to look at like this

(photo of panels being picked up in October 2010)
But see the transformation...

This small wheel and the track above is all that keeps these giant
doors in line, something that would be very difficult with a
solid wood door becomes easy with our panels.  These panels are so
light compared to an actual solid wood door that 1 person can
close these with ease.

Big Sliding Door made of Sandwich Torsion Box Panel, lightweight because it's made with our
Sing Honeycomb Core.  The best Big Door Core Material Made in the USA.
We are the best custom door core manufacturer on the West Coast who ships world wide.

The finished product is Belle Porte

April 2011

Torsion Box Work Table as a Vacuum press table,
lightweight, flat, and precision.
The beam under the torsion box panel is also made of patented
Sing Honeycomb core material.  We specialize in lightweight, heavy-duty
honeycomb press, made of sandwich honeycomb panels and beams.

Vacuum Table Top

Sing Honeycomb manufactured a vacuum table top, using torsion box technology
 combined with Sing Honeycomb Core as the core material, for a customer in Michigan: dimensions were 84" wide x 162" long x 3 1/2" thick, weight is approximately 320 lbs which is extremely light considering it size. 
This is the most precise working vacuum table, with the least
weight of any other vacuum table manufactured in the USA.

This item can also be used as a moveable wall, oversize door, trade show booth panel, mezzanine floor, banquet table, conference table the applications are endless

Click here for more information on our Honeycomb Panels

Entertainment Stand
This entertainment stand is lightweight, knock down collapsible, easy to move or transport and made with natural cedar from the Northwest.
Easy to transport and strong--load capacity over 500 lbs.
It is build to last for generations. A great addition to any living room
You can have your entertainment stand delivered collapsed or assembled.
No Particleboard or MDF used in any of our products!

  • Sing Honeycomb Furniture

  • Style

  • Modern

  • Contemporary

  • European

  • Overall Size

  • 67" Wide 21" Tall 15 1/2" Deep

  • Overall Weight

  • 59 lbs

  • Color

  • Natural Wood Veneer

  • Birch & Cedar with a Eucalyptus inlay on the edges

    Kitchen Butcher Block Cutting Board

    We guarantee our butcher block is the best in the world otherwise we will pay the return shipment. 

    1. Patented Sing honeycomb cutting board. Does not warp or crack. It stays true and flat with counter top to avoid vibration The flat surface also eliminates the noise of chopping, because it does not bounce on the counter top.

      2. Lightweight for easy move around and cleaning.

      3. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean just as easy dishes.

      4. Eco-Friendly. Patented Sing honeycomb take less energy to create than similar heavy butcher blocks, which can crack and warp if not oiled frequently. Even solid wood end grain will crack after time.

      5. We provide a resurfacing service after years of usage for less than half of the purchase price.

      6. Free shipping if you purchase four or more cutting boards.

      Our cutting boards are designed for top of the line chefs.

      Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 2 1/4”

      November 2010

      Introducing our newest furniture line the Series 20
      Our newest line is compact in size but not quality, use our 20"
      size nightstands, end tables or cabinets for your studio apartment,
      loft or  "Tiny House", the shelves are removable and the drawers are
      heavy duty and we use all real wood in our drawers never press wood.

      For more information visit our light weight furniture to be directed
      to our furniture website to see more furniture and DIY furniture
      panels to build your own.



      Our 4'x8'1" signboard weighs only 16 lbs.  Wow!

      These beautiful sandwich panels are not only lightweight but are sturdy
      and faced with your choice of facing.  Choose whiteboard facing or paint with
      blackboard paint and you have a changeable advertising board for your daily specials. 
      Cover with grooved letter board and make your own changeable sign with moveable letters and number.

      October 2010

      We designed four 10 x 10 Oversize Door Panels to be used as move-able walls/doors for new upscale wine tasting establishment
      "Urban Enoteca" in Seattle, Washington



      New Lightweight Aluminum Clad Sing Honeycomb Panels

      Manufactured 4' x 4' x 1 1/2" thick with .052 Aluminum Overlay
      Panel weighs in at just 42 lbs but holds up to a 1,000 lbs of weight!

      Note how straight and strong the panel is even with all of that weight there is no bending or bowing of panel, that is strong!


      September 2010

      Butcher block kitchen island top made with Patented Sing Honeycomb panels. Strongest, lightweight, durable, long lasting and eco-friendly. Easy to design your own butcher block counter top, kitchen island, bathroom vanity

      This custom built butcher block counter top was designed
      for a private cooking school

      July 15, 2010




      Click here to see how to build our patented Sing Log Homes

      made from our patented Sing Honeycomb Logs


      July 13, 2010

      lightweight folding table 3/4 in. thick for Murphy Bed

      Singhome 4 piece do-it-yourself table, lightweight and easy to assemble

      A Singhome do-it-yourself table with an easy to assemble joint.

      An insulated Sing home shed after several years without any form of maintenance still shows structural integrity.

      A Contemporary Sing log home built in a California hillside

      Most dimensionally insulated precision log in the world . Look no further Sing Home is the easiest way to build an energy efficient home.

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